Custom Stand Design

With a ready-made audience and palpable excitement in the air, a trade show or exhibition is
your chance to show the crowds exactly what you’ve got to offer them. So why settle for the
plain and ordinary, when you could have a custom stand design built for your brand instead?

If you’re looking for someone you can trust to be the custodian of your brand, do what’s right
for you and your objectives with a little unique flair - and do it in a sustainable way
- you’ve come to the right place.

Human Built covers the entire process of custom stand design from the planning through to
the installation to create a fully immersive experience for your visitors and clients.

Success starts with an S...

Keeping proceedings as simple as possible is what ensures success.

So, in keeping with our ‘S’ theme, we work every project to our ‘3S’ framework to make sure it fills your criteria and our philosophy of working:

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Engage the audience with every sense to create moments that last.

Safety Icon


Everyone going home, safe and sound, at the end of the day is a day won.

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Save our planet for the next generation of moment makers.

Custom Exhibition Stands

We learn of great things through little experiences

Every experience is defined by micro-moments – the little things you never even notice that come together to create the whole. But how do you piece together something you can’t even see? Well, you call us, of course.

That’s because we’re much more than a custom exhibition stand contractor. We know the formula behind creating the magic you need to stand out at an event, creating defining moments that deliver experiences that’ll live long in the memory.

Want to know the secret? Give our team a call.

Figuring out the implications and practicalities of your custom built exhibition stand comes first. For a safe and well thought out activation, our team will complete all the site surveys and draw up the plans for the creative and build teams to work from. We want to know who you are and what message you have to share. After all, humans are visual creatures and they will instantly decide whether your stand is worth further exploration or not. Therefore, your stand should act as a magnet drawing the crowds in, wanting to know more about you. As part of the planning, we’ll consider any size constraints, the most appropriate (sustainable-first) materials and the overall messaging of your brand within every decision we make.

Project Management
From a central team, and that’s where we really come into our own. We’ve project managed work for a whole range of clients in a multitude of places - our team will effectively become an extension of your own. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and when it comes to building a visual representation of your brand, why would you want to rush it either? Instead, care and attention are needed throughout each stage to ensure the potential of the project is not only reached but exceeded.

We know what works and what doesn’t, and that experience informs every design choice we make. There’s no challenge we can’t overcome, however. With a little creative thinking and a whole heap of know-how, we can create activations you never thought were possible.

Our teams of carpenters, fitters, electricians, printers and even more people than you can imagine can build just about anything, anywhere. And, of course, health and safety is always a priority, as is making sure your exhibition stand looks the part. Therefore, expert installation allows us to meet both of these objectives for our clients when it comes to building custom exhibition stands. We’ll make sure every fragment of your set is in the correct place and is working as it should be. That will leave you free to concentrate on the task at hand.

Expand your senses with immersive technology

The human sensory system is a very powerful thing – with certain smells and sounds can transport us back to periods of time in an instant. So why not apply the same logic to your event experiences?

Through our development process, our experts can define and recommend a range of interfaces you can use to get the most out of your activation. Here are some of the ways we make installations come to life:
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Set & Stage
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Programme re-use

Most people know that re-use is better than re-cycling. But in the custom build exhibition stand domain, you need thinkers who can design in the flexibility and modularity which means you don’t need to scratch your head for future shows.

That thinking could include modular sizing with standardised fixings, interchangeable panels and sections, multi-geography electrical functionality and limiting the transport mass for transport between sites.

Don’t worry - we’ll keep you safe and sound

Safety Taken Seriously

We get it; marketing budgets have been pillaged and revenue targets are skyrocketing. But the elephant in the room is still here: COVID-19. Reducing risk and doing everything you can to promote recovery is on everyone’s mind right now, and our temporary experiences can help with that.

Our temporary structures have COVID-19 safety woven into every aspect of their design. From safe surfaces to social distancing measures, we’ve got you covered.

Social distancing measures

We’re all used to partition screens now and they don’t have to be a barrier to success as well as the virus. We can design the key places where the barriers are required, leaving your brand space to take centre stage.

Queue management is vital for maintaining safety and visitor satisfaction. Our planning and design team can help you devise a system that helps you achieve both with a mixture of floor graphics, queue railing and clear and obvious entry and exit points.

Surface Safe antimicrobial

We don’t want to give COVID-19 a place to live, that’s where our Surface Safe technology comes in to inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria and microbes – it’s either applied to surfaces as we print them or we can apply it retrospectively.

Hand sanitisers
Hand gel dispensers have become a vital part of daily life lately. But we’re not just talking about a bottle on a table, we can provide branded towers or even integrate dispensers into the structure seamlessly without distracting from the aesthetic or mood of the space.

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